The End of Winter

You woke up this morning and went to get dressed and ready. While you change into your clothes, you think, “ Bother! It’s going to be another cold, gloomy day.” You walk downstairs to eat breakfast, and you’re met by a surprise. “ The sun’s out!”.

Can you believe it? We’ve made it past the dreadful winter. Now let's have some fun! But, wait! What can we do for fun? Mmm, camping? No, lockdown. Friends’ houses? Nope, still lockdown. At least a little trip to the beach? Yes! Really?! No, lockdown's still there. Arrrrrgh! Why?!

But still, there are so many things you can do inside your house! If you can’t find them, I’ll help you. Let’s go!

1. The Basics

Though this isn’t as fun as enjoying the sun in a water park, sometimes, the most normal things are fun. Reading, watching some videos, playing games, talking with your friends online, or talking with your family are some of the best things you can do. Plus, lockdown has brought us one good thing. Time. Time to talk to family, time to play, time to do anything you want, just some sweet, beautiful time. Use it well because sometimes it just slips out of your hands.

2. Outdoors

Though we can’t get out of the house, some of you have the best front or backyard. Use your greenery well. The sun has come out, so now is a perfect time to play outside or sit and relax in the wonders of nature. You can have a backyard picnic, make a waterpark area if you have a sprinkler, or use the things you already have. Take a dip in your pool, have a meeting with your siblings inside your cubby house, play on your swing, jump on your trampoline, etc. If you have a cool toy, however, after years of neglecting it, it’s unrecognisable, wash it. You don’t have anything better to do, do you?

3. Imagination

This is a fun part. Creating a room or space in your home into anything you want! It could be the beach. If you have a pool, this would be easy. Just pretend the pool is the ocean and place some blankets on the dirt or pavement near that. The blanket is where you will chill in the sun. If you’re not a beach person, maybe a spaceship. All you have to do is find a chair, sit on it and spin! If you can’t spin it, ask a family member to help. If you want to add buttons to your spaceship, take a cardboard box and cut it aside. Then draw buttons, and all sorts of spacey things on it and there You have a control panel. If you happen to have another box and a sibling, ask her if she/he wants to be an alien. If they do, put the cardboard box around their body, draw some things on it, and you’ve got an alien. These are only examples of what you can do. Use your imagination and turn your house into the funniest place in the world! (Remember to pack up, or else your parents might interrupt your fun. )

These are some things you can do in lockdown. There are tons of other things that you can do in lockdown. But finding the rest, I’m going to leave it up to you. Also, the PM is considering easing restrictions, so fingers crossed this all ends soon! I hope you have some fun this spring!

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