Fun Time!

Have you ever been bored? Tried to do something, but it seems there is absolutely nothing to do in the whole entire WORLD! Well, I’ve made a fun array of things for you to do. Enjoy!

1: Make parkour.

You can do this activity indoors or outdoors. Whichever you prefer! If you are doing this indoors, you could get some pillows and bikes and make the best obstacle course ever! You can put the bike as the last challenge and ride to the very end. Remember to ask for permission from your parents. If you do it outdoors you can use stones and logs and if you have a pool you can use that as well to cool off on a hot summer's day!

2: Look out!

By saying “look out!” I don’t mean “ Look out!

a duck is about to hit you!”. I mean look outside. There are hundreds of wonders in your own backyard! You’ve just got to look for them. You could make a bug hotel or weave a bird’s nest. If you don’t want to do that, you can just try to find the items on this list.

  • Budgie boys

  • Birds

  • Mouses

  • Squirrel

  • Plants and flowers you didn’t plant

3: Family time!

Sometimes you might be caught up on a screen so much that you forget about your friends and family. I suggest a game or a simple talk to your family. If you want something more exotic and fun, maybe try some of these ideas.

  • Go outside and do some gardening with your family . While you’re doing so, you could make it into a game. Eg: See who can uproot the most weeds in one minute.

  • Make something! You could make a tent or a house out of bed sheets or some designs. If you want to make something different, maybe make a play involving the whole family.

  • Sing and dance. Singing and dancing is really fun! If you’re a family of three one person could sing, one person could dance and one person could be an audience. But if you’re a family who just likes to snuggle up and read a book, go ahead. That’s a lovely thing to do too.

Now, there are hundreds and thousands of other things to do too, but I can’t fit them all in here so it’s up to you to use your imagination and have some fun! If you absolutely can’t, resort to the internet, but try to be creative. I hope you have a fun and funny day! Bye!

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