Once upon a time, there lived an old lady. She lived in a beautiful valley. She was very kind and treated all villagers with love and respect. Anyone who walked past her home will get a treat of home-made pancakes and some orange juice.

One day she got ill and had to go to the doctor. It was just a simple cold, and all she had to do was eat medicine and drink hot water. But after some time, it got worse, and no one could handle it. Even the specialist doctors couldn’t find a remedy to it. In the end, the only option was to go home, take rest and see what happens. The old lady knew that one of the two things would happen, either she will be in bed for a very long time, or she could die.

She decided to enjoy every moment of the rest of her life. Her friends helped her with that, by bringing some of her favourite things. One of her friends brought her a dog, another brought her some colourful wallpapers and a lot more lovely presents.

The old lady was very thankful for the precious friendship she had and decided that, before she dies, she would make the world a better place. So, on a fine morning, she took some pinecone seeds and started planting them all around the valley. For an experiment, she also planted a rock in the ground.

After a few days, she got awfully ill, and her breathing started to slow down. All her friends came along to say farewell to her. Next day she died, leaving the little house lonely.

Years passed, and seasons changed. On a spring morning, one of the pinecone seeds the old lady planted sprouted! Then came along the rest of the other plants. Within few years the valley was full of pine trees shooting up in the sky, beautiful and elegant. Oh, the rock the lady planted, has now grown into a ginormous rocky mountain.

No one in the village would put any houses in the valley because the old lady’s house was still there. The villagers believed that they needed her permission to build a house there.

That little valley became a paradise of birds, animals and butterflies, green, colourful and peaceful.

 The End

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