Ciao! We’ve been discussing choices and how to overcome things for a while so I decided we could do something fun today! I am going to tell you how to make strawberry milkshakes. I hope you enjoy it!

You will need:



Syrup ( whichever type you would like)

Ice cream ( optional)

You can take as much as you can depending on how much you're planning to make. The syrup is a replacement for the sugar and the ice cream is for cold days. If you would like to change it up a bit and add something of your own, go ahead! You could also use this base with other types of milkshakes. Anyway, here’s what you do.

1: Put in all the ingredients.

2: Mix.

3: Taste test and decide whether it needs something else.

4: Mix again if needed.

5: Bon Appétit!

This particular strawberry milkshake actually tastes very good because of the syrup. Beware, when you’re about to finish your milkshake there is a chance of there being bits and chunks of strawberry. I am only saying this cause I hate chunks of things in a drink or yoghurt

. By the way, did you know that syrup is a bit healthier than sugar but yet it still tastes delicious!

I hope you had some fun making that. Please tell me if you like things like this and I will write more about cooking. I know this recipe was a bit short but all the same, it tastes delectable! Anyway, arrivederci!

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