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Hello! Today I’m going to be talking about sustainability. If you're planning to make a new house, here are some things you could add to make your house eco-friendly.

Instead of having to pay that horrid electricity bill every month, why not use solar lights? Solar lights are an excellent way to save money and save the environment. If you use the light from the sun to power your house, you would find that your life would be much easier.

Rather than using your fan or heater every day, open the window when it’s too hot or wear a jumper when it’s too cold. This way you get to wear that lovely jumper that you’ve kept at the back of the closet and you can also get some fresh air.

Next one you’ve probably heard already, but with a bit more to it. Having lots of bins. That one sounds weird when said like that, but I’ll explain a bit more thoroughly. You may have that one bin at home for everything, but did you know, there’s much more bins you can have. You could have a compost bin for all your scraps, a bread tag bin so you can give it to people who can amazingly make all those bread tags into a wheelchair, you could have a landfill bin for… landfill, and you could have an eWaste bin for all your old broken batteries. eWaste is just a fancy way of saying electronics.

For all those people like me who enjoy a long bath, I’m sorry. Having 30-minute showers is a complete waste of water. You should have a 15-minute shower at most. Can you guess why? Yup! It’s a waste of water. Did you know that there are timers for how long you should shower? It’s really cool. I have one at my house but I haven’t started using it.

Is your job 1km away from your home? If it is, do you drive there? You do? Uh oh! When you want to get from one place to another, you usually think of your car first right? Well if your destination is near, walk! Taking buses and trains are ok, but they still let out lots of dangerous gases like Carbon Dioxide and Methane which come from the burning of fossil fuels to run the vehicles

. They are bad for the environment and human life. . Methane is a greenhouse gas, and it affects us by increasing the global temperature. To stop all those bad gases from coming into our atmosphere, just bike or walk if you can. It will also keep you fit!

If you’re a child, this one applies to you. You may have enough toys to fill a whole room, but, is that good? Well, it can be in one way, but it’s horrible if you have plastic toys. Plastic is bad for the environment and takes years to decompose. Instead of throwing it away, you can donate it. By the way, did you know that a plastic bag can take 1000 years to decompose? And a simple glass? 1,000,000 years! Unbelievable!

Hopefully, you have learned more about eco-friendliness. It is important to keep our environment safe and healthy. There are lots and lots of problems in our world but our job is to fix them and it is never too late to start something amazing!

Have a good day and I’ll see you next time! Bye!

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