Hello there, right now I’m feeling quite happy! What are you feeling? Emotions are a very important thing to have, but it is ok if sometimes you don’t exactly know what you’re feeling. Today I’m going to talk a bit about emotions. When you feel angry it may be that someone is being rude or that you can’t do something. When you feel like this, take 3 or 5 deep breaths, maybe drink some water and talk to someone. This should make you feel a bit better. If you see someone angry, try to lighten up their mood. Tell them a joke or ask them are you ok? This will most likely make them a bit calm but if they are still mad just smile at them and walk away. If you feel sad try to talk to some and try to get a hug. If you’re alone just cry until you feel ok, then try to cheer yourself up by thinking or talking about something positive. If you see someone sad ask are you ok and just listen to what they have to say. Help them back on to their feet and give them an encouraging smile. If you are in pain try to ignore the pain and move on, but if it is something severe call for help. If you see someone in severe pain either call an ambulance or if it’s not that severe give them some water or just tell them to relax. If you get embarrassed in front of others, try to think about what actually is wrong. If, when you think about it, you find it’s not that bad, just leave the scene casually. However, if after a minute of thinking you still find yourself embarrassed just think ‘I am proud to be me’ and leave. Later, you can talk to your family about what happened and just discuss what you feel. Fun fact: If you smile when you are sad, your brain doesn’t know if you are happy or if you are pretending to smile so it assumes you’re happy, so you trick your brain and you feel happy. Anyway, I hope you know what to do with some confusing emotions. But, please try to always be happy!


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