Marie Curie

Marie Curie is radioactive. Literally! Learn all sorts of things about this radioactive scientist right here, right now. I am Jovia prem, and she’s Marie Curie.

How did she start?

When a man named Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-Rays and another man named Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity, Marie decided she too wanted to be a science whizz. She decided to look further into the topic of radioactivity. When she got the Nobel prize Award, she split it with Henri Becquerel, for he was the one who first found it.

What did she do?

Marie Curie worked with her husband, Pierre Curie, and together they discovered Radium and Polonium. These chemical elements’ periodical names are Ra for Radium and Po for Polonium. Marie Curie was a physicist, chemist, and scientist. She and Pierre gave birth to Irène Joliot-Curie and Ève Curie. Irène was the oldest and grew up to be a physicist and chemist, like her mother. Ève, however, became a couple of things to do with writing. She also became a pianist, a diplomat, a screenwriter and a music critic.

Birth & Death.

Marie Curie was born on 7/11/1867 in Warsaw, Poland and died on 4/7/1934 Sancellemoz. Pierre was born 15/5/1859 in Paris, France, and he died on 19/4/1906. Irène Joliot-Curie was born on 12/9/1897 in Paris, France, like her dad. Finally, little Eve Curie ( not so little any more). She was born on 6/12,1904 in France, Paris and died on 22/10/2007 in York Avenue, New York, United States. Marie Curie was the only one not born in France!

Marie Curie, Childhood.

Marie Curie had 3 sisters, Bronisława Dłuska, Zofia Sokołowska, Helena Skłodowska, and 1 brother, Józef Skłodowski. Her mother was Bronisława Skłodowska and her father was Władysław Skłodowski. Sadly, all dead. Marie Curie died for as I said at the start of this, she was radioactive and died because of that.


Marie Curie tried what her heart told her to, and she succeeded. She got two Nobel Prize Awards, and she died in honour. Her name is known in lots of places, and her family were happy too. Even you could do wonders. You have some talent, so use it, and you too will be like our Marie Curie. Trust your heart, and try your best. Award or not, you’ll still be amazing. I am Jovia Prem checking out now, doing my dream*.

P.S.* My dream is writing.

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