Save the world!

Have you ever walked into a city or someplace, look around, and not see a tree anywhere? I have and I’m sure almost everyone has seen places like this. But this is the one really bad thing about the world, and this isn’t to be rude just to raise awareness. Keep reading to find out other things we can all do to save our world!

Action 1: No litter! Litter is very bad for the environment and its animals. When an animal sees litter, the animal thinks that the litter is food, but when they eat it they very sadly die, and it’s all because someone dropped a plastic bag. Action 2: Lessen down the population! I know this sounds silly, but lessening down the population, means that there will be fewer houses and more nature. To lessen the population, all adults wish for one child. Then, most likely you’ll get one child, instead of two or three, which means fewer houses need to be made.

Action 3: Don’t pollute! Pollution is bad for nearly everything! It’s bad for people, for nature and it’s bad for animals! Ways of polluting our environment are smoke, cars ( another reason for the population action. The fewer people, the fewer cars, and then the better environment), burning rubbish, and oil spills. Avoid/reduce all these things for a better world!

Action 4: Plant trees, plant trees! If you plant trees, well that means your doing a great thing for birds, monkeys, and squirrels. By planting flowers you're helping bees. First plant a tree in your backyard, then with permission from the council, you can plant trees on the roadsides and places like that.

So, now that you’ve read what I’ve got to say, I hope you are trying to make a good change. If you can do all these things, there’s more of a chance that the world will be around for really long. Spread the word, save the world!

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