Spare a minute or two !

Are you hanging out in your luxury bedroom on your bunk bed waiting for your lovely pancakes with vanilla ice cream and blueberries on the side? Ok. So, you're probably not doing that but what I mean is you’re living a good life. But some people aren’t…

Have you seen a person sitting in the shade of a shop begging for money? Do you throw him a dollar or two? These people are homeless and need help. When you give them a dollar, it could mean the world to them, but still, could you go further. Maybe, buy something for them, like some food or a drink. Or you could get them a jumper or a paper fan depending on whether it’s hot or cold. Even better you could maybe TALK to them. Most people just flick a coin into the box and leave, but if you just sit and talk to them for a minute, you might realise that the person is very nice and kind and you’ll find yourself sitting and chatting for over an hour! I’ve recently read a book about a little girl talking to a tramp and them both becoming friends. Maybe, it wasn’t much of fiction after all. Maybe it’s something waiting to happen. So maybe just sit down and talk.

If you’re one of those people who just don’t like homeless people, I’m not mad about it. You are you. But I just want to attempt to change you. Think about this. You are homeless, and you struggle for food. Not many people want to help. Nobody even stops and smiles or even waves. You only have some money that would only get you some fries and if you’re lucky, either a drink or chicken nuggets. You want to be happy and have a good life, but alas, you can’t even get some water. Sad isn’t it? Well, those people who you pass by trying to avoid him/her, this is their lives. They get mistreated sometimes and can do nothing about it. Imagining this is you, would you now be more eager to give up something of yours, whether it’s some money or your time.

I hope you have enjoyed this. WE are all human, and one human has to help another one out. We may look different on the outside, but deep down, we all have a heart and we all have a life. Help others, and help will come to you. Adios!

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